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Buddhist Holiday

Travelling to the place, where from Buddhism started spreading all over the world, will give anyone a feeling of wisdom.

Encompassing Dhauli where kalinga war was fought and transformation of king Ashoka took place, after places like Ratnagiri, Lalitagitri ,Langudi,  where relics of Buddha is found ,Chandragiri ,the biggest monastry of Asia and other enchanting places like Chilika, Puri and Bhubaneswar Swosti Travels has crafted some beautiful packages. Swosti Travels can also design customized itineries as per the need of its guests. For more details one can contact by email: or visit our web site Almost 2500 years old religion.Buddhism took it's birth with Gautam Budha and Odisha is one of the five states in India which has rich concentration of Buddhist vintage. Recent archeological explorations and excavations have brought to lime light more than 200 Buddhist sites scattered across Odisha.Most prominent ones out of those are Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri, Langudi,Achyutrajpur, Asagarh, and many more. It is also worth mentioning here that Buddhism in Odisha is as old as Buddha himself.According to early texts, this merchants from Utkal(Odisha), Tapassu & Bhallika, on their way to Madhya Pradesh, met Buddha under peepal tree on the last day of his tweak of enlightenment they paid reverence to Buddha and received eight handfuls of his hair which were subsequently kept in different shrines. Systematic religious propaganda of Buddhism started from Odisha(Kalinga) by the efforts made by king Ashoka.Any deliberation on Buddhism is incomplete  

Odisha Holiday Packages

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